Happy to know you!

About Alberta Neal

Hello everyone!

I am a quilling enthusiast who takes the inspiration from all around: flowers, people, living styles and behaviours, arhitectural buildings from Bucharest. Always will find subjects when living in a big city and always will find the beauty of each little thing.

Me, as a person, I am mother, wife and career woman. As all mothers in the world, each day is a busy one, full of events at work and at home. Even so, always I spend some time for quilling. It’s a pleasent way for relaxation, which gives me a huge source of energy.

Most of the time, the quilling decorations made by me goes to my friends and familly as gifts.

I had created this website thinking about those who  share my passion and love for handmade and especialy for quilling.


My First Book:

Quilling Basics

Quilling Basics by Alberta Neal

Quilling Basics: Discover the Magic World of Surprises in Quilling is my first Book and the first from the Learn Quilling Series. The present edition is translated in english (UK) and can be purcase from Amazon in kindle edition or in ePub format from the other book distributors (Kobo).

This book is for those who are now at the beginning stage and also for the ones who are already initiated in quilling. In Quilling Basics you will find explanation about basics shapes, how to make quilling paper at home, paper types recommended in quilling, tips, standard colours … (more details here)

Thank you very much for your feedback and reviews!

UPDATE (July 2018): the book is in revision now. For the second edition, I will bring extra projects in Quilling Basics book. Also, a print format is expected.


The Second Book:

Quilling Techniques by Alberta Neal

Quilling Techniques: Secret Quilling Styles Used by Cosmina

The second book of Learn Quilling Series brings to you more details about Cosmina’s evolution and new ideas for yourself, in this art. Even the book were finished in the end of 2016, with only one week before the delivery date of my first baby, the publishing format (graphics, translation and error check, cover and ebook formating) took half a year till releasing day.

The book has more… more explained projects with pictures and extra projects (42) as inspirations for you. The reviews for this book in Amazon.com are all 5 stars. Thank you very much!



Free or paid projects

On www.albertaneal.com is a section with free tutorials (video and explanation text).

You can buy designs or books from my business partners or directly from me. Please contact me for details.