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VIDEO: How to make a Quilling SpiderLearn how to make a frighten spider using only half moon shapes and tight coils. Thanks for your feedback! Alberta Neal Watch the video below! Buy Quilling Books – Discover the magic world of quillingBuy from - Buyers from Europe Buy from ... Read More
October 11, 2017Alberta Neal


For being always next to me, I am gladly to make you 4 gifts: bellow are four templates of 2016 yearly calendar. The calendars are A4 format, in landscape or portrait. The templates are free to print and are for education or non-comercial use. If you would like a personalized template or ... Read More
January 9, 2016Alberta Neal


My dear quilling lovers, The video on how to make a Christmas ball is online and I am verry happy for that! How is made the Christmas Ball? You need glue, scissors, circle sized ruler and different blue paper strips. The main idea of this pattern is to use the scrolls, tight coils ... Read More
January 3, 2016Alberta Neal


I wish you all the best for this Christmas! May you have all the goodies in the world and a quality time for you and your family. You all made me the best Christmas ever. Hope to be the same for you! Best Seller Quilling Book  
December 25, 2015Alberta Neal


Hello my friends! Winter hollidays are next to us and the Christmas tree will be decorated soon. Since I was thinking for new winter quilling designs, I gladly bring to you a Christmas ball pattern. The pattern is now in my studio, but soon I will finish it and I will prepare a short ... Read More
December 24, 2015Alberta Neal


The Christmas is comming and many of us are waiting the Santa Claus. This winter I make you a white gift and, of course, you can make this gift to your Christmas Tree. It'a about how to make a white and simple snowflake.              
December 11, 2015Alberta Neal



Country and ISO Code

Hello, This is an educational article where you'll find car indicative of countries (ISO CODE) and prefix code you have to dial when you'll make an international call (COUNTRY CODE) If you want to receive emails from me with my new creations, you can SUBSCRIBE for free from here. A COUNTRY COUNTRY CODE ISO CODE Afghanistan 93 AF / AFG Albania 355 AL / ALB Algeria 213 DZ / ... Read More
November 30, 2015Alberta Neal